Future Of Your Paper


Consequently your work would be used more and the feedback you get from others will in turn improve your research so that’s an abstract that’s difficult short sweet to the point covers everything and in four simple sentences thus the whole lot it’s only one Muslim well there might have been more than that going you sucker if you don’t have to do the news that metal any questions that make someone okay all right now snacks now Lexi keywords 226 words I sit on here and that comes in after the abstract you usually have to put in keywords. Learn how to make your paper useful for others at Edusson.

I’m just taking a selection of that paper and you can see they’re near keywords component formatting style darlings insert whatever it may be that comes in as an early up step no keywords are actually going important the King words are important because those keywords go into a keyboard database when your paint that is listed there is a database of keywords as to test your paper when people want to go for things like Google or to an abstract database or to a paper database they type in those keywords what I interested I’m interested in vodka media I’m interested in ontology so interesting beside the other type that in and told that keyword database up comes a list of papers so these are searching algorithms of tools for finding your paper is useful now move those are masculine slightly it in itself is you say Jason terms he be so nice SD works but beyond on our persistent tips would you use keyboards or with you well I think if it whatever is called it makes our differences it’s the bit goes into database that and choosing the right keywords or index terms is a difficult job because what you’re up against is trying to make your keywords meaningful enough that when so on types it in that come up with your paper and not found other people’s that’s where you have to be not too general and not too specific. Find out how to make a good title for your paper in this article.

So example I’ve got some good keywords yeah ontology is a kind of how you organize knowledge systems and people who are specifically intestine nap and go in typing ontology and they will come up with those those kind of things oh yeah I’m solid use every system but there’s some very bad terms you Bruce he was computers why would that be bad I know maybe observe if nobody lips you know how to how do you distinguish your paper either that it’s not good enough not precise enough what would will sum up your paper and what it’s really about not be too too precise and no one will use it or not precise enough for anyone over heated by those of those this one here i’m gerry because that was a colleague was looking on nearly poor computer-supported collaborative research and they invented the term cscr because no one else used it or what is the point of putting that into keyword if they’d invented the terms themselves because no one else is going to search for word.