Showing Yourself In Essay


I think it’s absolutely ok don’t try to be funny if you’re not normally funny because it’ll never work well I think it comes down to it depends which is when I teach how to be a college counselor at UC Berkeley that’s often our answer to questions and terms of diversity or the ethnicity remember that is a shared experience many others have had the experience of being on diversity are moving to a new culture so you have to finding your voice in your experience of that and if you’re going to write about that what about who you are are you going to show through that are you going to show your that you’re not really able to adapt to a new environment are you going to show your maturity your responsibility. Learn how to express yourself more brightly in text at Edusson.

So I think in some respects at least in California where I live and I would think in terms of colleges receiving applications diversity and ethnicity our shared experiences on the other hand you often can use that experience of ethnicity or diversity to really give a sense of who you are as a wonderful human being so it just depends on what you do with it I don’t know about drawing pictures I don’t know that you can do that and the current online common application if you are a talented artist there are many colleges allow you to upload a portfolio I would imagine that if you were really good you could write a poem that showed the college what you wanted to learn about you I think those come under the heading of outside the box and you have to be very genuine and very good at it to take that kind of a risk so I would hope that you would check with your school counselor and see whether it’s working and the graphics one really puzzles me Bob what would you say about that the graphics one is that what you’re saying Peggy yes this the students to know that they could include graphics.

And I’m not even sure that you can do that in the world of online applications these days yes so you really can’t do that in the world of online applications however you know some students will send in additional pieces of information I remember in every school that I worked we would have bins of portfolios that students would send our portfolios pictures that they’ve taken CDs of their band or of some concert performance the things are are okay I would definitely check with the admission office to see if it’s even going to be reviewed because it many institutions that I worked at where it was not required it wasn’t even looked at and we didn’t even review them and to be honest with you some of the times we would actually just look through that information over the winter break when we were sitting there opening mail and it never actually got tied to the application.