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Sometimes you look so many no infallibility already epicure as unlined okay a cycle name affiliation make sure they are clear and again the second thing the abstract a phony and difficult issue of the ex pect gosh how do you do that what is that step I’m going to define for you here an abstract is a single paragraph of two paragraphs or free single paragraph of writing which summarizes the entire paper by the entire paper it summarizes not just the things that you are writing about also your conclusions as well somewhere I saw at least some people don’t like to write an abstract which gives the game away kind of thing. Read more about essay quality at Edusson.

You know they think I want to keep that little bit till till the end and they gonna leave me and they get the sort of the punchline but there you have to put the punchline in the abstract so people get to know what about but what is your solution what is your answer what is your conclusion in a sentence at the end then we these people here kent beck have produce a kind of an algorithm for producing an aspect and you don’t have to use it but if you don’t have the right out stacks this is a good starting point ok they say you can write all aspects in full sentences that doesn’t mean that if you will use five six separate sentences you can okay i’m upset you’ve got four sentences these people say if you don’t know how to write an abstract you’ve never in that deck before will give you a little and tool which helps you to do it using four sentences once you’ve passed beyond the little tool usage you better buy for yourself you can do everyone but this will start you off for seconds first of all with the first sentence state what your problem is or the problem is if you’re looking at with the second stain sentence saying why it’s an interesting problem with the third sentence. Find out how to make a grabbing title in this article.

State your own idea and Alex solves the problem with the fourth sentence say what follows from your solution if you can write four sentences like that summarizes your paper you have bitten perfect that’s fact according to let me give you an example before that would look like hope you can read that my fate is for set so called the meaning for were different colors because so you can see what’s stopping it don’t do it so first sentence let me just remind you it’s all about state the problem okay many papers are badly written and hard to understand it’s the bomb okay my swamp interesting this means that a lot of very good papers ideas don’t get looked at and then we go unappreciated that’s why the problem is interesting all the limelight concerns what’s your idea in your solution by following some simple guidelines and line here you can dramatically improve the quality of your papers.